Our Methods

At Total Wellness Chiropractic P. A., we provide an effective, holistic approach to wellness. This means that we treat you, not just your pain. We use various types of chiropractic adjustments and techniques, as well as other healing treatments, such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, acupressure and biomodulator/biotransducer therapies. We also provide personalized nutritional counseling and exercise recommendations.

Chiropractic adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are a common therapeutic treatment for back pain, which is most often caused by spinal misalignment (vertebral subluxation complex). Chiropractic adjustments reduce the subluxation to increase range of motion, reduce nerve irritability and pain, and improve function.

Some of the techniques we use include:

Activator Technique

Activator technique is a gentle chiropractic treatment for decreasing joint pain and increasing joint motion. We use a small, handheld instrument to deliver a gentle precision force to the spine to restore motion to the targeted spinal vertebra or joint.

Flexion Distraction

Flexion Distraction is a chiropractic technique used to treat many conditions of the lower spine. This method is aimed at increasing spinal motion and resolving disc bulges and herniations. The treatment is a safe, gentle, non-force procedure that works well to take pressure off spinal nerves that may be irritated or inflamed.

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy uses sound waves to deliver relief to treated areas and promote healing. Ultrasound therapy may be used alone or in conjunction with stretching, heat, or gentle chiropractic manipulation.

Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation – electrodes are placed on the skin that send gentle electrical pulses to different areas of the body with the purpose of reducing inflammation, curtailing muscle spasms and relieving back pain.


Acupressure – is a type of massage. I apply pressure to certain parts of the body, known as acupressure points, or acupoints. When applied to the right points, this pressure can relieve pain in other parts of the body as well.

Therapeutic Massage

Massage incorporates manual touch to improve circulation, relax muscles, improve range of motion and increase endorphin levels. Administered by our therapist, this massage is specific to the patient’s treatment areas and is usually done pre or post adjustment.

Tennant Biomodulator

Biomodulator/Biotransducer this therapy uses microcurrent, biofeedback and neuromodulation technologies designed to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. Learn more (PDF Download 1.3MB)


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